People From the Sky  Tim Paul
Nuu-Chah-Nulth Red cedar, paint
24” x 12” x 7”Sold


People From the Sky  

Tim Paul

Red cedar, paint
24” x 12” x 7”


   “This sculpture represents a very important group of people from our ancient history. Many ages ago in the beginning of our people, we were visited by the People from Out There – People from the Sky. They came and lived among our people for a while. Before they left, they gave us three important gifts. They gave us ‘hai-na’ (Swift Means of  Travel  -  Canoe,)  ’muu-gwa.nut’  (Very  Powerful  Weapon  -  Spear) and ‘nu-pit-tut’  (One Stroke to Travel – Paddle.)

   They left us teachings about nature and our Relatives, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Sky, the Mountains, the Rivers, the Lakes, the Land, the Animals and the Sea. These are our family of Ten Brothers from Nature. In addition, the Sky People taught us about out most powerful relative, Earthquake, who will always remind us how small we really are.”