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Reflections on 2020

/ In It / TOGETHER  

Part I


Part  II

“While watching 2020 unfold amidst the madness, I was deeply moved by all of the people standing for equality and justice. Despite the difficulties of the year, the growing strength of the movement toward true equality inspired me and these two paintings.”

After the process of creating the four 2020 paintings, Clinton wanted to remind of us of the joyful things we have in life. And how unique things can cross great distances and come together to create an epicurean delight. Or how individuals can voluntarily practice equality by sharing resources with those that need it. These are the 2021 paintings.


Please take a moment to explore the pieces and enjoy all of the subtleties and intricacies that bring Clinton's story telling to life.

- NG 

Clinton Work is known to show a complex and dynamic sense of place in his paintings, surprising the viewer with his unusual perspectives on the world we live in. Using the structure of Kwakwaka’wakw formline, he creates layers of imagery compounded and blended in a way that represents his bold messages, yet he buries secrets and hidden elements in his work to amplify the stories he tells.

This collection is a direct response to Clinton’s experiences through 2020. He’s chosen four major themes to reflect on: politics, land stewardship, inequality and existentialism.

Each piece is a unique and important interpretation of its theme. Intelligent, thought-provoking and exceptionally well crafted, the collection stands out like no other, sharing messages we rarely see in the traditional works of the Northwest Coast.

- NG