Equilibrium // Steve Smith - Dla'kwagila

The title for this collection, Equilibrium, is a single word and really quite a simple concept, yet it is something we all strive to attain individually and something we all struggle to sustain collectively.

I see it a bit like a boat on rough water, rocking back-and-forth and side-to-side in the wild waves, taking all our energy to stay afloat. When the waves slow down and calm themselves, which they inevitably do, the boat ceases to rock and all is peaceful again. I’m always aware of the pervasive negativity in our daily lives that tries to bring us down and scare us, so what I try to do is to continually create messages of beauty, light and love while we await calmer waters just ahead.

It’s my hope that my love and passion for what I do comes through in my work and can be felt and seen by the people who view it. It is a huge gift to be able to create these pieces of art and I sincerely hope that the works I create can help uplift us in some way and help to connect us all.