The Year of Change - Clinton Work


Using themes and characters consistently found throughout historic Kwakwaka'wakw work, including images of Raven, Eagle, Salmon and Orca, Clinton Work shows us a complex and dynamic world that breaks down our expectations of these characters and allows us to see them in a whole new light.

Using multiple layers of imagery executed with exceptional precision, Clinton’s works are compounded and blended in a way that creates bold, impactful formline designs, but also hides secrets and surprises not quite appreciated at first glance. One must spend time delving into the interwoven lines, colors and textures of Clinton’s visual imagination in order to deepen the understanding of his method and message.

Showing us the bonds between traditional formline and contemporary abstraction, between organic, earthy tones and bright, contemporary colors, Clinton’s work represents an exciting voice in the new generation of artists bursting onto the art scene today. We can see through Clinton’s eyes that the perspectives of history and legacy are adapting and changing to become unique visions of the future and of the roles that indigenous identities play in it.

Please take a moment to explore the pieces and enjoy all of the subtleties and intricacies of Clinton's superbly controlled creative intention.