Since 1989, Elizabeth Steinbrueck has been working with native artists from the Pacific Northwest. Twelve years ago, she was inspired to open a gallery dedicated to the distinct cultural art of the region.

Nathan Germain joined her in 2012, bringing with him two decades of gallery experience and passion for First Nations and Inuit art.

The gallery is committed to respectfully sharing artwork made exclusively by Native peoples. Since it’s inception, it’s become the leading venue for both traditional and contemporary artists of the Northwest Coast, Alaska and the Arctic.

Steinbrueck Native Gallery, located near Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, features Fine Art of the Northwest Coast from emerging and established artists. We pride ourselves on representing indigenous artists who create sculpture, masks, boxes, prints, jewelry and more. We are dedicated to enhancing and cultivating the appreciation and awareness of the cultural art and traditions of the region.


The gallery respectfully recognizes its location in the traditional territory of the Coast Salish people.