Sea to Sky


Steve Smith - Dla'kwagila 


November 1st - 18th

Artist's Opening Event

Saturday Nov 4th from 12:00 - 4:00


Everyone is welcome to join us!

Please feel free to stop by the gallery to meet Steve in person and to talk one-on-one

with him about the origins and inspirations behind his fabulous work.

Steve's unique and refreshing take on the world that we all share is expressed through creatures of the Sea and Sky, and of the Land between them where we live and call home.

This collection focuses on the intersection of these three unique environments, like the meeting of three great rivers.

Octopus, the brilliant and magical being that lives along the Sea floor. Orca, who shares that water world but needs air from the Sky to breathe. Heron, a master of the Sky who spends so much time among the marshes of the Land, the domain of Frog, the messenger.

This celebration of the Northwest Coast is vividly represented by the budding of new life: the decorated and sacred nests of the great Transformer and the children of Raven.