Life - Kelly Cannell

This collection is made up of images that reflect Kelly's deeply personal connection to the natural world, shown through the lens of her Coast Salish heritage. She's been fortunate enough to have spent much of her childhood and youth exploring lakes, rivers and forests of the traditional Salish territories and the Interior regions of British Columbia. Her respect for the environment is a tapestry woven with thousands of years of cultural history shared and taught by countless generations before her.

The symbiotic elements of the regional biosphere are all represented here. The giant Thunderbird and his storm-making abilities in the Sky, the proud Deer standing amongst the trees on Land, and the great Orca in the Sea who - like us - relies on the precious annual Salmon run to keep the circle in motion.

These pieces are reminders of our place in the world, our effects on the cycles of nature, and our responsibility to tend and care for the delicate eco-systems that give us life.