Tlingit Clans

Paintings by Jean Taylor

Jean Taylor is from the Dakhl awedi Clan of the Teslin Tlingit Nation. She loves to paint people and animals of her culture wearing traditional regalia. She is especially fond of painting grandmothers and most recently is painting totem animals.

"In painting these animals, I wanted to present them culturally as well as with realism, so I chose coastal cultural themes for the backgrounds.  I can't explain why I had the urge to paint these, it just seemed like they wanted to happen. The Orca is set against a backdrop of carved silver, the Wolf is against a button blanket, the Raven in front of carved cedar and the Eagle stand before a woven Chilkat robe. These items are very culturally important to the Tlingit people, so they represent the esteem in which these animals are held.

I am excited to share the colors and beauty of my culture as portrayed through beautiful regalia and traditions."

Jean Taylor