Steve Smith - Dla'kwagila


November 18 – December 9, 2020

This collection of paintings represents my reflection on the past year and the changes it has brought to all of us.

From political uncertainties, unprecedented health risks and personal isolation, it’s difficult to find anyone that hasn’t been adversely affected by what this year has brought to us.

Throughout the disruptions and chaos that 2020 thrust upon us, one thing has kept us strong and moving ahead: our diversity. The challenges we’ve been able to meet have been greatly helped by our ability to look to our sisters and brothers around us, with all our unique thoughts, philosophies, and ideas, to recognize the help they offer and the positivity we can provide in return.

I’ve chosen to express this through images of the wildlife of the Pacific Northwest and to reflect on these amazing creatures as a reminder of the wisdom we can gain from them. I believe this shows honor to the diversity of our world, but it also offers us a path of hope for the year to come.