Oh... Voids! // Steve Smith - Dla'kwagila

"It’s my hope that my love and passion for what I do comes through in my work and can be felt and seen by the people who view it. It is a huge gift to be able to create these pieces of art and I sincerely hope that the works I create can help uplift us in some way and help to connect us all."

Welcome to a more playful side of Steve Smith's imagination! After being awarded the StART Foundation's Global Eye Award at the Saatchi Gallery in London, he was both thrilled and humbled by the honor, but also exhausted.
The weeks leading up to the exhibition in England were full of great pressure and stress, which kept Steve busy creating major works, five of which have just concluded their run at the prestigious ARX Gallery in Knightsbridge.
Steve has now finally had an opportunity to let his creativity and humor run free, to allow his artistic nature access to new media and to explore the bounds of colors and shapes.
The result is a stunning collection of bold, fluid and visionary images that invite the viewer to joyfully continue in joining Steve on his creative journey through life.