Brothers of the Four Directions Tim Paul
Nuu-Chah-Nulth Red cedar, paint
7¾” x 18½” x 6½”

Brothers of the Four Directions 

Tim Paul

Red cedar, paint
7¾” x 18½” x 6½”


"In our culture, the number four is sacred. It represents the four elements and the four directions. White is north like snow, black is west like the night, yellow is the east where the sun comes up and red is the south and the source of summer warmth.

I put them out of order because everything is changing. The sea is changing, storms, the weather, etc. Since the environment has changed, I took the time to show that here. These are out of order because the heat is here. There’s no more salmon and people are without food. People are having a really hard time because of all this change. We are all so connected to and affected by these changes. We’re all related to nature."