Of Myth and Mask

The Art of Storytelling


Of Myth & Mask celebrates the inextricable connection between Northwest Coast mythology and the regalia essential in its telling. This exciting collection focuses on contemporary and anthropomorphic styles of Northwest Coast masks, featuring characters from the natural and supernatural worlds, and from the worlds of the Land, Sea and Sky.


"Change is inevitable and change is important... there is always somebody around saying you have to do things the old way... you have to be traditional. The fact is, there is always change and our people have always been comfortable with it."

Joe David, A Haida Potlatch by Ulli Steltzer

"Masks are documents that embody tribal divisions and mythology... Masks are an important part of ceremonial life; they make the supernatural world visible and bring it to life in dance dramas. In the past, these were performed at feasts or as part of the complex ritual that has become known as the potlatch. Feasts and potlatches are meetings of chiefs and high-ranking people of a tribe... families are honored by the invitation of the host to dance their masks. This defines who there are... and gives them opportunity to display their power and the skill of their artists."

Gary Wyatt , Spirit Faces - Contemporary Masks of the Northwest Coast