Seagull Realizing Daylight Tim Paul
Nuu-Chah-Nulth Red cedar, paint
18¾” x 16½” x 4½” 

Seagull Releasing Daylight 

Tim Paul

Red cedar, paint
18¾” x 16½” x 4½” 


"Raven was the one that took away daylight and locked it away in his box. It was dark for days and days — ten days of darkness for our people. Finally, Seagull asked Raven to release the daylight from his treasure box. People were getting hurt and falling because they couldn’t see but Raven wouldn’t give in.

So Seagull went to get many sea urchins and he put them all in front of Raven’s front door. When Raven came out that morning, he stepped on the urchins and got spines and slivers in his feet (which is very painful). So Raven starts begging and pleading for Seagull to take out the spines. But Seagull said he wouldn’t do it until Raven released the daylight. Raven wouldn’t give in, but when he couldn’t handle the pain anymore he finally agreed to give back the daylight. 

Before Seagull would pull out the spines, he required that Raven give him the box, which he begrudgingly did."