Great Heron
Kelly Cannell
Coast Salish
Ink on canvas
96" x 48" x 2"

The Great Heron

Kelly Cannell
Coast Salish

Steamroller woodblock print on canvas
96” x 48” x 2”


"The Great Heron stands tall, confident and strong while still portraying grace and beauty. Near the shores and in the wetlands are the Heron’s habitat and it’s is always a treat to spot them. These beautiful birds are a symbol of grace, purity and patience to the Coast Salish people.

This process of a the steamroller print gave me a unique opportunity to create a large scale wood block print. Selected artists that were invited to participate in carving a 4’x8’ wood panel had the opportunity to drive the steam roller over the inked panel printing onto paper and canvas. It was an unforgettable experience."