Looking Forward

Susan Point
Coast Salish

Kiln-cast glass, Red cedar, 14k gold leaf, paint
54” x 20” x 2”



In the myth of the Heavenly Children, a woman and her daughter are the only survivors of a great fire. The mother is distraught and decides to seek out the Thunderbird for assistance. She must go on a great trek to the highest mountaintop to find him, so she calls out to the forest animals for help. Many creatures come and gather around, including wolves, bears and even the lynx. The group begins to climb the great mountain, but the animals get weaker the higher they go, and soon only Rabbit and Fox are at her side. They are small and quick and have beautiful fur that keeps the women warm. When they finally meet Thunderbird, he carries the women into a grove of giant trees, where the mother becomes the Woman of the Forest and daughter becomes Echo.