Gus Cook


Featured Exhibit: Northwest Coast Jewelry in Repoussé

Born in 'Yalis (Alert Bay) to Samuel and Charlene Cook (nee Wadhams), on February 28, 1982, Gus Denny Cook became intrigued with the art and history of his people through cultural programs that were part of his elementary school.  He credits Rande Cook, Richard Sumner, Frank Nelson and William Cook as his mentors.  In 2011, Cook began learning repousse under Rande Cook, who had completed an extensive repousse course in Italy with Italian master Valentin Yotkov.  Cook was quick to learn the techniques used in repousse work, and has since been refining his skills through many successful experiments.

Five years later, Cook has an expansive portfolio that includes intricate three dimensional pendants, bracelets, rattles and full sized frontlets.  His work is in high demand, and is often sold before it has a chance to be seen by a wide range of collectors.  We look forward to seeing his future work.