Rachel Smith - ai̓xcemǧa



Rachel is a Kwakwaka’wakw, Oweekeno artist with a diverse multi-racial background.

Growing up watching her grandfather (nomus), father, and uncle carving and painting. Rachel has been immersed in West Coast Native Art since birth. She showed a keen interest in all art forms and initially acquired knowledge by observation. Recently Rachel has taken on a formal relationship with her art career, apprenticing with her father Steve Smith. Her first art pieces were introduced in 2019 while simultaneously completing her Associate of Arts degree in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Rachel draws inspiration from her passion of indigenous rights and values learning about her heritage through practicing the arts. Rachel’s family has been a source of encouragement for her in perusing her art.

Years after the passing of Rachel’s grandfather she was visited by him in a dream and asked to continue this work. Today Rachel is answering the call to share Northwest Coast imagery through her art.