Mialia Jaw


Mialia was born August 10, 1934 in Cape Dorset, Nunavut, Canada. She passed away in 2006. Her husband Joe Jaw preceded her in death. Several of Mialia’s works were included in the annual Cape Dorset print collection of 2005. Her work is quite detailed and features bright, playful colors.

Mialia was an active woman who loved to spend time at the traditional camping areas down the coast from Cape Dorset. She was a well-known storyteller and repository of Inuit legends and folklore. Her print, Titalittaq Returns depicts the celebrated arrival of Titalittaq, who after being stranded on an island for many days and believed to be l up for lost was able to fashion a raft using inflated walrus bladders and driftwood and make his way back to his community at Kinngait.

Her sons Mathew, Pootoogook, and Kingwatsiak are all stone carvers. Mathew (known as Mathew Saviakjuk) is especially well-known for his powerful, stylized sculpture. He was also Cape Dorset’s mayor for a number of years.

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