Marcel Russ


Born in March 1973 on Haida Gwaii into the Raven Clan, Marcel Russ has grown into a master artist working with silver, argillite, wood and other mediums. Dempsey Bob, Robert Davidson, Ron Russ, Bill Red and Henry Green are among the prominent mentors that Marcel has learned from and trained under throughout his life.

Marcel carves intricate jewellery pieces in silver and gold, sometimes combining argillite and different types of wood to produce unique pieces. His work is formed around Haida legends and stories that have influenced him all his life. Marcel has also pushed the boundaries of traditional forms and shapes to create a very modern and contemporary design element in his work. In the spring of 1999, Marcel exhibited with his father at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, NY. In 2008, Marcel was one of fourteen argillite carvers featured in Carol Sheehan’s book Breathing Stone.

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