Jacinthe Two Bulls


Jacinthe Two Bulls is a Haida weaver. She grew up in Hydaburg, Alaska, weaving alongside her mother and teacher, Vicki LeCornu. She is of the Staas’taas clan of the Eagle moiety. Her crests are frog, sculpin and beaver.

Jacinthe created her first weaving when she was five, a plaited mat. At seven, she plaited and twined her first full basket.

To date, she has created dozens of baskets, each one requiring much dedication of time and energy. She takes pride in using an important tradition and making new creations from an ancient art.

After 23 years of weaving with cedar bark in traditional Haida techniques, basket weaving has become second nature to her. With this ability, Jacinthe has been able to create new works in her art form.

From Jacinthe, “Woven with good spirit and cedar bark, my baskets encapsulate the world in which I grew. I weave a spiral, a pattern found extensively in nature- encoded into plants, animals, humans, the earth and galaxies around us. I observe the beauty of the seemingly chaotic universe and hold it in my heart as I weave. In this ancient art form I have found my ancestors as well as myself, in the vast spiral that weaves us all together. As I weave, I feel connected to the world around me. I feel that I am tapping into an energy greater than that which resides within me. It is for the love of this energy and connection that I weave.”


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