Angela Marston/Satuts'xetl'

(North Wind Strong and Clear) 

Coast Salish

Angela Marston is a multi-media artist with a focus on Coast Salish design. She has worked hard to learn and revive traditional styles of gathering and weaving, so that she can pass them on to the next generation. Her art pieces, including paintings and carvings, have been found to be innovative and thought provoking. She was born in Ladysmith on Vancouver Island in 1975.

Angela has had the privilege to work with, and learn from, four of her family members; her parents Jane and David Marston, and brothers Luke Marston and John Marston. She also had the chance to work with the late master Coast Salish artist Simon Charlie. As well, Angela feels fortunate to have learned weaving techniques from Minnie Peters, Kathy Edgar, and Marion Dixon. In using the same materials and tools, Angela feels inspired and connected to the generations of her ancestors before her.

Recognized by the Canada Council and the First Peoples Cultural Council, Angela’s works can be found in many galleries and private collections including the permanent collection at the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa.

She works primarily with cedar weaving and other wood art forms, and is excited to push the boundaries of Coast Salish art and create new and original art pieces for everyone to enjoy.

For the "Paddles: A Timeless Journey" exhibit at the Steinbrueck  Native Gallery, Angela created a root digging paddle used by the ancient Coast Salish women.

"Root paddles were used many years ago by my relatives, the Coast Salish people. We have not seen these paddles used for a long time. The modern shovel and axe have replaced our wooden root digging paddles. It is nice to remember and recreate traditional tools. It is like honoring the Great Grandmothers and their teachings."


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