Ksm Amawaal
Noble Woman
David Boxley
Alder, paint, abalone
10"h x 7"w x 5"d

Ksm Amawaal (Spirit Woman) Mask 

David A Boxley

Alder, paint, abalone
10"h x 7"w x 5"d


"In Ts’msyen culture, I am Ts’msyen, in  the past many mask were made in the style of Naxnox, which means Spirit Guardian. This type of mask it initially shows a woman because of the labret, the pierced lip with the abalone, but it also has this style of painting on it, this crosshatching style of painting that represents the magic that you don’t know is happening to  you. In this case the mask is called Spirit Woman and a person who encountered this particular entity would have success in their life."

Push play in the video above to hear David's description of the piece.