Shawn Aster

NaxNogm Ganaaw
(Supernatural Frog Woman)
Shawn Aster

Alder, paint, abalone
10¾” x 9 x 12”
(20” tall x 16” wide w/ hat)


“The mythological frog is a lake/pond guardian, a water guardian Naxnox. A supernatural frog spirit has taken a human form to be visible. The human and frogs eyes are combined for looking around and is important when a supernatural event is happening. The pristine minds eye achieves increasingly more and more broader perspectives, elite situational awareness and master observational skills. With strong vision, acquires an ability to see through the spiritual vails and see beyond anatomical limits. The old NWC (Northwest Coast) masks with the squinting eyes can suggest worthy sight. A Concept of seeing what’s passed the surface, is shown in old NWC art.

The classic formline style represents the spirit of the animals or the internal anatomy of nature and objects too. The protruding tongue symbolizes song, speech or passing of knowledge. The frog is highly respected in ancient mythical thought. The spiritual frogs power and treasure of knowledge is vastly accumulated through diverse capabilities allowing one to exist under the water or on land and and in the forest. In NWC myths, the frog sets the timing of and decides the weather patterns because he is wisest and all the other animals agree after much delibertion. Princes and princessess from ancient secret societies danced such portrait masks as part of rituals. The masks bite bar allows more natural movements in performance.”