Johnysa Mathewsie


Born in 1984 in Cape Dorset, Nunavut, Canada, Johnysa Mathewsie comes from a family of well known Inuit carvers.  Johnnysa learned to carve from his grandfather Lukta when he was 12 years old. He is the son of Qiatsuk Qiatsuk and a grandson of master carver Lukta Qiatsuk.  His uncle is Padlaya Qiatsuq and his great grandfather is the renowned Kiakshuk.

He carves a range of subjects including Arctic wildlife and figurative carvings.  Johnysa is well known for his Canada geese carvings.   The wings of his birds are often spread out ready to soar with fine details.   His carving style honors his family and he is also willing to explore new subjects. Johnysa is an emerging talent from Cape Dorset and many galleries carry his sculptures. He now almost exclusively supports himself from his sought-after carvings.

name spellings include – Johnnysa Mathewsie,  Johnysa Mathewsie,  Johnny Mathewsie.

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