Etulu Etidloie


Etulu Etidloie is an established carve born in 1946 in Nunavut, Canada.  From a young age, Etulu learned the art form by watching his father, Etidloi Etidloi carve.  His brother Kelly Etidloie is an established carver in Cape Dorset as well.  His son Isacci Etildoie was an innovative carver with many accomplished sculptures.  Etulu specializes in beautiful loon sculptures, although he carves many other forms such as dancing bears, birds and wolves. Loons have been his primary subject for over 25 years.  His loons can be sitting, standing or in flight. When starting each carving, the shape of the stone dictates what Etulu will carve.  He rotates the piece of stone until the form suggests a subject.  Etulu works with serpentine stone and finishes it with a high polish. His work has been exhibited in Canada, USA and Germany.

name spellings include – Itulu Etidloie, Itulu Etidloi, Etulu Etidloi, Etulu Etidloie

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