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Calvin Hunt was born in 1956. He is a member of the Fort Rupert Band of the Kwakwaka’wakw Nation. His father was the late hereditary chief, Chief Thomas Hunt, and his mother was Emma Hunt, the daughter of the great Mowachaht Chief and Shaman, Dr. Billy. He is the grandson of the renowned carver Mungo Martin and grandmother Abayah.

Born into a wealth of traditional values, Calvin started woodcarving at the age of 12. Calvin apprenticed with Tony Hunt, Sr. from 1972 till1981. He moved to his ancestral home of Fort Rupert in 1981 with his wife, Marie, where they still reside today.

In May of 1988, he carved and raised the Hunt Pole, hereditarily owned by his oldest brother George Hunt Sr., in Fort Rupert, with the assistance of his brothers, nephews and cousins. He also carved a memorial grave figure for his father at the Fort Rupert cemetery, with his family’s assistance. These poles were the first totem poles raised in In 1995, during a potlatch given by Calvin and his brother, Ross Hunt Sr., he received his Chief’s name from his wife’s side of the family, “Tlasutiwalis.” In July of 1998, he was seated as the fourth primary Chief of the Mowachaht, the Hereditary Chieftainship which belonged to his grandfather, Dr. Billy, of Tsuwana (Friendly Cove). His Chief’s name is “Nas soom yees.” On May 28, 2004 Calvin was honored with induction into the prestigious Royal Canadian Academy of Arts..

"My art work crosses the continuum of history and the present. I enjoy sharing our culture with the world, and I feel very fortunate to have the capacity to pass on our Elders’ teachings. Most importantly, it is a way for us to teach our children, our “Gwa’layu”, (our reason for living) by providing a creative, inspiring environment that generates knowledge of their crests, legends, songs and dances, giving them a sound foundation of their identity. "

Calvin Hunt


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