Bird Walk
InuitStonecut and stencil
34" x 24½"

Bird Walk (1976)

Keeleemeeoomee Samualie (1919 - 1983)

Stonecut and stencil, #17/50
34" x 24½"


Keeleemeeoomee Samualie was born on the land on the west coast of Baffin Island in 1919, NU and moved to Cape Dorset in 1966 with her second husband, Samuellie and their family. Once she moved to Cape Dorset, she got involved in carving and drawing and didn’t stop.

She’s well-known for her strong sense of design in the drawings of her constant subject: the birds of the Arctic. Keeleemeeoomee is one of a family of artists: her sister Tye draws, her brother Iyola Kingwatsiak is a printmaker and carver, and a deceased sister, Anna, was also an artist. Samualie pulled from childhood memories to guide her art practice, filtering her experiences into her work in a playful manner. Samualie's creates from her point of view and her own illustrative style, rather than being a naturalistic rendering.

She passed away in 1983.