Allen Thompson


Allen Thompson was born in 1964 in Ebbenflow, Manitoba. Allen is of Saulteaux descent; however, he grew up with the influence of the west coast culture spending a number of years in Vancouver, British Columbia. He began carving in 1987 under the expert guidance of Derek Wilson, Henry Robertson and his brother, Kelvin Thompson.

Allen is known for his intricate detail work and unusual content. He creates pieces that stand out among others by including rarely-seen characters like Crab, Octopus, Loon, Dragonfly and Otter. He has also blended the traditional imagery of the Northwest Coast with European styles, such as English-style floral designs and structured border designs. Allen's cross-hatching is exquisitely fine and arguably second to none.

Allen is trained in carving wood and precious metals such as white and yellow gold as well as sterling silver. His designs reflect a northern influence with tremendous attention to detail and superb craftsmanship.

Allen is very aware of his native culture and hopes that through his artwork he is able to help preserve the Northwest Coast native culture for future generations.