Allen Thompson


Allen Thompson is an Ojibway jewelry artist from Manitoba who was
adopted into the Haisla Nation three decades ago. He was taught the techniques of silverwork and carving by master carvers Barry and Derek Wilson at the Vancouver Native Centre. During that period, Allen worked with Henry Robertson, another Haisla master carver, on a large totem pole for the city of Vancouver.

Allen is known for his intricate detail work and unusual content. He creates pieces that stand out among others by including rarely-seen characters like Crab, Octopus, Loon, Dragonfly and Otter. He has also blended the traditional imagery of the Northwest Coast with European styles, such as English-style floral patterns and Celtic knot-work.  He was one of the earliest artists to explore oxidation techniques and silver-wire finishing.

As an established and sought-after artist, Allen has been committed to sharing his knowledge and abilities with younger, newer artists for many years. Most recently he worked with renowned Kwakwaka’wakw  jewelry carver Dan Wallace in developing and teaching the Northwest Coast Jewellery Arts program at the Native Education College in Vancouver.



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