Morgan Asoyuf


Morgan Green is a Tsimshian artist from Prince Rupert, BC. Born March 24, 1984.

Morgans artistic career started with Blanche Macdonald Centres fashion design diploma, and an interest in painting Ts’msyen Designs.
She carved cedar and alder working with Henry Green, learning about the properties of the wood and how to properly care for it. 
Morgan took Bronze Casting at The Crucible  art compound in Oakland, where industry professionals taught her both investment mold and Sand Casting. 
In 2010 Morgan began studying at Vancouver Metal Art School under Gerold Mueller, a goldsmith from Pforzheim Germany. She received diplomas in both Jewelry design and Stone cutting learning special techniques such as hollow construction, custom stone cutting, and advanced soldering. From October 2019-January 2020 Morgan was featured at The Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art in the exhibit 'Royal Portrait'.  Honoring the Indigenous matriarchs in her life, Asoyuf challenged the classical definition of the “royal portrait” with new photographs of activists wearing crowns, frontlets, and headdresses.

Morgan has studied design and engraving with Richard Adkins.

She recently attended Revere Academy in San Francisco for Gem Setting courses.
Her focus is Volunteer / Non-profits / Fundraising for Native and Womens Organizations.

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