Maynard Johnny, Jr

Color on the Coast

Maynard Johnny, Jr has been producing work in his distinctive and recognizable style since the early 1990's, beautifully blending the traditional imagery of both his Penelakut and his We Wai Kai ancestry. He's become well-known for his bold designs that combine Coast Salish elements with Kwakwakwa'wakw formline, creating a unique style that is all his own. The recent evolution of this style now includes the use of strong, contemporary colors brilliantly applied against palettes of blacks and grays that pop off the paper and almost come to life.

It's been exciting to watch Maynard pursue this wonderful new direction and continue his experimentation with style, structure and spectrum. There's been a surge of interest in his current work and it's not difficult to see why. We are pleased to have been involved in his process and to have the opportunity to present this collection of his newest paintings at the gallery.

We eagerly anticipate the next steps in his creative journey.