Places I've Been

Landscape Paintings by Tlingit artist Jean Taylor

Statement by the Artist

I was always drawn to water because I grew up beside a large lake and my family spent many days fishing and exploring the bays and backwaters.

I love drifting in a quiet bay in the evening listening intently for the sound of a moose wading but often instead get thrilled by the call of a loon.

Places of such quiet and solitude are to be treasured, especially in today’s increasingly chaotic world.  These places keep us calm and connected with what really matters.

The long daylight hours of the north create colorful palettes which are painted by the changes in clouds.  I love it when mountains, clouds and water change colour with the day light and changing seasons

From my home I watch the sunset behind the town on the other side of the lake which is sometimes so soft and beautiful, other times Intense and vivid especially following a storm. On windy days, I watch seagulls enjoy the wind as they float effortlessly.

Autumn is a season I enjoy, the summer bugs are absent but warm air of the summer lingers especially into the evenings and nights.  The changing colours of plants and trees brings a new experience daily.  Leaves float through the air and we await the sparkle of frost and the feeling of peace that accompanies the first falling flakes of snow.

All of my experiences inspires me to capture scenes which bring me peace and pleasure.