Chinookan Art of the Columbia River

Greg A. Robinson

Please join us in celebrating Greg Robinson and this powerful group of collected works.
Saturday, December 2: Artist’s Reception 5 - 7 pm

The origins of the Chinook people go back to the dawn of time, when Thunderbird's five eggs cracked open and the first humans emerged, becoming the ancestors of countless generations and contributing to one of the richest storytelling traditions in the world.

The history of the Chinook are deeply entrenched in the stories of the creator Coyote, the trickster Blue Jay, the powerful River Serpents and many other aspects of Tamanawas, the Spirit Power that exists in all things.

Renowned Chinookan carver Greg A Robinson brings this incredible history to the forefront of a Columbia River art revival. His work is exceptionally fine in both detail and execution, and its rich imagery invites us to experience a small part of the Chinookan world, both before and after the arrival of the children of Thunderbird.